How to increase your customer flow in catering?

23 January 2024

Fast food is the second largest sector of activity in France.
You have to be proactive to satisfy customers and waste a minimum of time between the customer entering the restaurant and the delivery of the meal. In addition, the time allocated for meal breaks is often limited. It is difficult to satisfy a large flow while avoiding consumers having to queue to collect their order. Obviously, as the manager of a catering outlet, your objective is not to jeopardize your cash flow by acquiring a digital solution. Iagona offers you a proven solution whose implementation will allow you to quickly make a return on your investment.

A catering order terminal is certainly the solution to your concerns

The digital order terminals have been designed to facilitate your management and not to burden your ordering process. Iagona offers the acquisition of the terminal with different formulas which will facilitate its operation including maintenance in operational conditions.

Iagona has been manufacturing payment terminals for all sectors for 30 years and, unlike the competition, can provide you with all the expertise of a French company. We support our customers and meet their needs (integration into their cash register system, installation, telephone and physical support on site). Beyond all our solutions, our engineers have designed a unique digital solution, the MK Lite!

The MK Lite is the ultimate digital payment solution that immediately adapts to your point of sale.
We are here to help you increase your turnover and profitability.

Why choose an MK Lite?

  • A real increase in your turnover
  • Offer a new experience in your restaurant
  • Streamline queues
  • Stand out from competition
  • Improve your brand image
  • Relieve your teams during the COVID19 epidemic

Save time

MK Lites save customers considerable time. Everything has been optimized on the interface from the product selection process to payment at the terminal. Point of sale staff are more available to prepare orders, traffic within the restaurant is more fluid.


Personalize the customer experience

The MK Lites are equipped with ergonomic interfaces promoting interaction with customers. They can personalize their order whether it is sauce, supplements, or even original ingredients. It is also possible through loyalty programs to save order profiles and reward loyal customers.

Mesurez banque

Improve the customer experience

By presenting your menus on a touchscreen terminal, you offer your customers a unique experience even before they have eaten. Between reduced waiting times and greater employee availability, the customer experience is more pleasant and pleasant.


Strengthen your brand image

The MK Lite allows you to communicate effectively on its screen, because customers more easily read the messages available to them when taking an order. The screen can relay your seasonal menus, your limited offers or even your brand values. With touchscreen terminals, you strengthen your image and ensure the modern side of your restaurant. Every restaurateur knows that it is essential to gain the trust of customers and demonstrate transparency. The terminals allow you to easily indicate the origin of your products or potential allergenic substances (this has been a legal obligation since 2015!) Finally, you can decide to specifically identify your vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free dishes, for example.

  • Optimization of order taking

The MK Lite is an effective touchscreen control terminal for presenting its product offering to customers. It was designed to integrate the latest payment technologies. Its interface allows you to present the menus and improve their readability. The selection of dishes, drinks and other seasonings is more colorful and quick. Customers can thus choose or change their mind more easily without stress in front of the counter and avoid the judgment of the cashier in the event of hesitation.

  • Presentation of current offers

With the MK Lite, restaurant managers have the opportunity to present their new products and current offers. Customers can access it by simply navigating the menu. Thus, it is possible to encourage customers towards a particular dish or an offer in order to boost your turnover. Indeed, a touchscreen restaurant terminal allows you to set up incentives and “push marketing” operations. For example, an offer such as “Add a dessert or a drink for only €1” is easy to set up.

The different versions of the MK lite are all responses to space concerns, 3 available positions allow it to be adapted to all sales areas

  • On table
  • Mural
  • On foot

The MK Lite accepts payment by bank card with or without contact but also by mobile phone

The MK Lite is equipped with a QR Code reader allowing you to read discount coupons, promotions or even recognize a customer’s profile

The MK Lite will not go unnoticed at your point of sale thanks to its LED lighting present on all 3 versions

The MK Lite will print at least bank card receipts but it can also print a withdrawal voucher, a reduction voucher or a competition, your imagination will be the limit.

Bank card

Bank card / contactless

Mobile / contactless payment

QR code reader

80mm printer

Mise en situation de la MK Lite


What guarantees does Iagona offer you?​

Iagona is a French company created in 1998, made up of more than 60 dynamic employees and experts in their field. We have always manufactured our products in France. You can therefore be assured that the quality of the product ordered is impeccable. All our terminals are CE certified, a standard that protects you in the event of a disaster. Iagona has deployed more than 24,000 solutions (kiosks and dynamic display solutions). We also rely on a network of more than 400 technicians ready to intervene in the event of a problem with your product.

  • Rest assured that with Iagona you have unparalleled service
  • Software support provided by our own developers for interfacing with your cash register software
  • An own delivery, commissioning and training service
  • Embedded software allowing remote maintenance
  • A Hotline based in France with expert technicians
  • A repair workshop in France for hardware maintenance

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