ScrutisWeb Iagona
ScrutisWeb Iagona


Supervision software for automated systems

  • A secure solution for supervising a fleet of PLCs
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Proactive monitoring of your PLCs
  • Reduces response time in the event of a problem
  • Automation of routine downloading and optimisation tasks

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Our console has been designed to guarantee complete safety in use and to comply with industry protection standards.



ScrutisWeb offers you supervision organised by fleet and by group, allowing you to work more efficiently.



ScrutisWeb can generate statistical reports to help you with your analysis and data feedback.



The software can be used by anyone, and is intuitive, making it easier to learn and quicker to use.

Digitalise your bank with Iagona solutions, pioneers in digital cheque delivery. We support you from A to Z in the installation of your solutions, from the selection of your terminal according to your branch flows to the daily monitoring of cheque processing with our secure software.

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ScrutisWeb features

Constant monitoring

The constant monitoring carried out by our agents provides us with information on :

  • The system status of the terminals: CPU usage, memory consumption, etc.
  • Connection control: supervision, web services, banking services, etc.
  • Analysis of business application activities

Increased supervision

Supervision of the equipment in our PLCs enables us to detect common anomalies:

  • Printers: alerts for near end of paper, jamming, end of paper, open cover, etc.
  • Credit card readers: unavailability of banking service, jamming, etc.
  • Document / cheque scanners: jams, empty ink cartridges, etc.

A simple interface

L’interface nous donne accès directement aux commandes de :

  • Reboot d’une borne ou d’un parc
  • Réinitialisation d’un composant
  • Mise hors service d’une borne ou d’un parc
  • Modification de données à distance

An optimised supervision service

  • Organisation of the fleet by groups and sub-groups of PLCs
  • Define profiles for each type of machine in the fleet
  • Real-time display of PLC status using coloured icons
  • View configuration details for each PLC monitored
  • Remote control: reboot, peripheral reset, switch to maintenance, etc.
  • Update software versions
  • Download history files
  • Data conversion to generate statistical reports
  • Automatic e-mail alerts in the event of malfunctions
  • Automatic connection to the maintenance management tool or ticketing tool

Features of ScrutisWeb

The ScrutisWeb console can be used to send and receive files, reset a device or reboot a PLC remotely.

The management interface provides an intuitive view of PLCs that are out of service: its icon and the reason why it is out of service are shown in red, so you can quickly see the status of a fleet.

The list of parks, groups and PLCs can be easily configured to optimise management.

The automatic e-mail function can be used to notify contacts of any change in status, and to receive a daily report on the status of PLCs or the results of scheduled tasks.

ScrutisWeb is able to generate statistical reports to help you with your analyses.

In the same




Cheque remittance software

  • ARChe stands for Application de Remise de Chèques (Cheque Delivery Application).
  • Software for self-service cheque delivery machines
  • Developed by Iagona
  • Enables bank customers to deposit their cheques easily
  • Eliminates the need to fill in a deposit slip
neoscan suite

NeoScan Suite

Cheque processing software

  • The software generates TLMC files
  • NeoscanSuite interfaces with all ERP systems
  • Files are sent directly to the depositor’s bank
  • Optimisation of resources through automation
  • Cost reduction and data security
  • Guaranteed cheque traceability
  • Automated dematerialised data archiving
  • Reduces cheque cashing times


Software solutions

  • Software platform facilitating the porting or development of a business application on Iagona terminals
  • Simplifies the management of your interactive terminals thanks to an embedded WEB API
  • Allows non-experts to take charge of the integration of complex peripherals (TPAs for example)
  • Natively connects the business application to ScrutisWeb supervision software in order to report the status of the terminal and its components in real time
  • Secures Windows desktop access to the terminal



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