The new-generation cheque machine

  • An innovative service for your customers
  • 15-inch touch screen for ease of use
  • A complete service offering supported by a supervision tool
  • Guaranteed security of customer banking data
  • 5 configurable control points
  • Storage capacity for up to 1,000 cheques

Offers and services



The S10 can be integrated into all your banking environments thanks to its two configurations, either as an island or wall-mounted version.



Our check deposit machine is part of an eco-responsible approach, eliminating the need for pre-printed slips and envelopes.



Fully secure check processing thanks to our remote monitoring and remote downloading tools using Scrutis software.



The S10 check payment terminal can be customized in your bank’s colors to suit your environment.

Digitalise your bank with Iagona solutions, pioneers in digital cheque delivery. We support you from A to Z in the installation of your solutions, from the selection of your terminal according to your branch flows to the daily monitoring of cheque processing with our secure software.

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S10 features

Secure deposit

The S10 cheque deposit terminal automates the deposit process, freeing customers from the need to fill in cheque slips manually. The terminal offers an intuitive, high-quality remittance service. It also offers a high level of availability, thanks in particular to :

  • a scanner specially adapted to intensive use in LSB (self-service banking) zones
  • metal object detection
  • the “retract” cassette, offering added security to customers in the event of forgotten cheques
  • a shutter* at the scanner entrance to prevent tampering – *automatic closure

Enhanced security

Our teams have designed the S10 check deposit terminal with total security in mind. For this reason, the check deposit terminal is equipped with a scanner set up to check 5 specific control points before the check is acquired:

  • Amount recognition enables the terminal to automatically detect the amount indicated, thus avoiding manual entry by the customer.
  • The presence of the cheque issuer’s signature is essential for cheque acquisition, otherwise the machine will refuse the deposit.
  • The beneficiary of the cheque must be indicated in the box provided for crediting the account.
  • The date ensures the cheque’s validity and guarantees that it has not been post-dated, i.e. noted at a future date.
  • The back: the cheque must be signed on the back to validate the purchase.

Proven benefits

Equipping your banking establishments with S10 check deposit terminals makes everyday life easier for your staff and customers alike. An automated system reduces cheque processing costs and eliminates back-office controls. Specific settings enable you to set up bank mode, for access to the acquisition software. What’s more, the terminal enables you to automate low value-added tasks, freeing up your branch staff to concentrate on other tasks.

On the customer side, you can offer a bundled discount of up to 1,000 cheques. What’s more, they can choose to receive a detailed dematerialized slip by SMS or email, or to print it out in 80 mm or A4 format.

A connected, functional machine

With over 34 years’ expertise in digital cheque delivery, Iagona offers you optimized cheque processing in self-service banking areas. Its 15″ touch screen makes it extremely easy to use, enabling customers to carry out their transactions with complete autonomy. The S10 offers 4 rapid identification modes without having to enter a RIB: by QR Code, by bank card, by contactless card or via the touch screen. What’s more, it includes our ARChe software to automate the acquisition of cheques deposited by customers at the branch.

All these features make it the ideal terminal for digitizing the customer experience in the branch, and optimizing the flow of business.


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