Software solutions

  • Software platform facilitating the porting or development of a business application on Iagona terminals
  • Simplifies the management of your interactive terminals thanks to an embedded WEB API
  • Allows non-experts to take charge of the integration of complex peripherals (TPAs for example)
  • Natively connects the business application to ScrutisWeb supervision software in order to report the status of the terminal and its components in real time
  • Secures Windows desktop access to the terminal

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In an interactive terminal, applications are necessary to provide services (payment, information, navigation). Middleware provides communication between these applications and the hardware, enabling smooth integration of services.


The middleware offers an abstraction of commands specific to each terminal device (printers, scanners, cameras), allowing businesses to use them without requiring in-depth knowledge.


The middleware allows rapid and single commissioning of the terminal. It provides a maintenance and operation interface that can be used respectively by technicians during an intervention on the terminal and by point of sale employees to operate the terminal. For example, the middleware of a terminal offering cash payment offers all the functions to manage the cash register (pre-loading of cash, unloading, collection of funds, etc.).



The middleware integrates security features to protect transactions and user data. This includes session management, data encryption and authentication.

Les avantages du middleware

Optimizes data flow

Interactive kiosks often need to interact with systems such as online databases, web services, or other information systems.

It acts as an intermediate layer allowing smooth interaction between the user and the application, manages communication with the hardware. This makes it possible to develop more sophisticated and user-friendly interactive terminals, capable of providing a wide range of services to users.

Improves development and testing processes

The middleware integrates a web API simulator in order to test developments even before implementation on digital terminals.

Middleware is a development aid, which not only avoids live coding on the device, but also integrates the interface adapted to the coding (via a swagger). These turnkey solutions contribute to a more agile, more efficient approach to development and improved software quality.

Secures data

Middleware plays a crucial role in securing data within IT systems by providing service functionality designed to protect data while it is stored, processed, and transferred between different applications and services.

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Data encryption
  • Secure session management
  • Update management
  • Audit and monitoring

Manage changes related to your terminals

Middleware allows the efficient integration of new services, devices or technologies by maintaining interfaces with business applications. The middleware makes hardware changes transparent according to technical obsolescence.

The middleware, natively connected to the ScrutisWeb monitoring solution, also offers centralized management functionalities to monitor and administer devices within a network. This centralized management capacity improves the general availability of equipment and therefore of the services provided to the end customer.

5 good reasons to opt for a Middleware solution

  • Simplifying device integration. Self-service kiosks involve the use of various peripherals such as payment terminals, coin machines, printers, card readers, and touch screens. Middleware simplifies the integration of these heterogeneous devices, allowing applications to use them transparently without worrying about the details specific to each device.
  • Service integration. Thanks to middleware, all business applications from third-party publishers or partners are compatible with Iagona terminals. Middleware facilitates the integration of these services by providing standardized connectors or REST APIs, allowing applications to easily access these external services and integrate them into the end user experience.
  • Ease of maintenance and updating. With middleware, updating and maintaining applications becomes simpler and centralized. It allows operators to remotely deploy software updates, security patches, and feature enhancements without the need to physically intervene at the terminal, thereby reducing operational costs and downtime.
  • Strengthening security. Transactions conducted through self-service kiosks require a high level of security to protect sensitive user information. The middleware can integrate advanced security features such as Windows desktop protection, data encryption, secure authentication, and session management, thereby ensuring confidentiality and integrity of transactions.

Dans la même




Cheque remittance software

  • ARChe stands for Application de Remise de Chèques (Cheque Delivery Application).
  • Software for self-service cheque delivery machines
  • Developed by Iagona
  • Enables bank customers to deposit their cheques easily
  • Eliminates the need to fill in a deposit slip


Supervision software for automated systems

  • A secure solution for supervising a fleet of PLCs
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Proactive monitoring of your PLCs
  • Reduces response time in the event of a problem
  • Automation of routine downloading and optimisation tasks
neoscan suite

NeoScan Suite

Cheque processing software

  • The software generates TLMC files
  • NeoscanSuite interfaces with all ERP systems
  • Files are sent directly to the depositor’s bank
  • Optimisation of resources through automation
  • Cost reduction and data security
  • Guaranteed cheque traceability
  • Automated dematerialised data archiving
  • Reduces cheque cashing times



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