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In the tourism sector, travellers are looking for a variety of experiences, such as cultural immersion or participation in fun activities. Digital kiosks give visitors access to immersive content that leaves a lasting impression. They are also ideal solutions for attracting visitors and offering them an enriched experience. They can access information about your establishment or pay for their admission ticket on their own.

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Boost the appeal of your tourist establishment with digital payment terminals



Provide easy access to detailed information about the activities on offer at your establishment (tourist office, museum, amusement park or swimming pool).



Allow customers to pay for an admission ticket easily and autonomously.



Create personalised itineraries that maximise your customers’ visit time and save your teams time.



Improve the image of your establishment with technologies that meet the expectations of travellers of all ages and backgrounds.

A digital solution to facilitate the management of leisure and tourism activities

Are you in charge of a leisure or tourism establishment? Digital terminals can boost your appeal and help you to improve the efficiency of your teams. By equipping yourself with payment terminals, you are giving yourself the means to be more efficient. The terminal interface will be your digital ambassador:

  • Promote your establishment’s offer with easy access to information: allow your customers to discover all the activities offered by your establishment in just a few clicks.
  • Automate your processes to boost efficiency: Reduce waiting time for your customers and save your staff time. Digital kiosks allow your visitors to take charge of everything themselves: from choosing an activity to booking a ticket and paying for it.
  • Capture visitors’ attention: Your digital payment terminals enable you to create interest among people passing in front of your leisure and tourism establishment. It’s an excellent way of attracting new customers by offering additional visits or special offers to boost your sales volume.
  • Increase the length of your customers’ visits: Thanks to the interactive content that can be displayed on your digital terminals, your customers will enjoy the activities offered by your establishment for longer. So you can increase their satisfaction.

Create a special customer experience by installing payment terminals in your leisure and tourism establishment

Driven by technological innovation, digital kiosks are constantly improving: more resistant equipment, higher resolution screens, faster functions that save customers time… Discover the advantages of digital kiosks to optimise your customers’ experience:

  • Gather feedback to improve your services: Allow your visitors to give their opinion on your leisure and tourism establishment. This gives you the opportunity to improve your services and make your offer even more attractive.
  • Enhance your customers’ experience with immersive content: Give your customers access to animated or video content that amplifies the world of your tourist site.
  • Plan personalised itineraries: Offer itinerary planning and navigation functions. Your customers can explore the options, choose the activities that interest them and create a personalised itinerary based on their preferences.

Take advantage of the benefits of connectivity to enhance your leisure and tourism offer

Digital payment terminals are easy to install and require no training for your staff. By installing digital solutions in your establishment, you create an enriched experience for your customers.

  • Customers are more autonomous and can take care of themselves immediately.
  • Queues are reduced, improving visitor satisfaction, especially during busy periods.
  • The ability to collect customer opinions gives you concrete feedback to help you develop your offering.
  • Your establishment’s brand image is modernised. More attractive, visitors are more likely to come in.

When you choose Iagona’s solutions, you’re opting for a digital pay station with features tailored to the needs of all types of leisure and tourism establishments: amusement parks, tourist sites, swimming pools, tourist offices, museums, etc. They are equipped with software that we have created to simplify the day-to-day management of your establishment:

  • Manage your visitor flows by proposing personalised itineraries based on customers’ motivations, guiding them to the right services.
  • Boost your sales performance by attracting more customers.
  • Promote your latest offers with static, animated or video content.
  • Guarantee enhanced IT security thanks to a solution that complies with the standards recommended in the field.


Iagona supports you in digitalising your customer journey

We are ready to listen to your projects for the installation of interactive kiosks, to support you in your digital transformation and to advise you on how best to meet your needs!

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Payment terminals in a tourist attraction

Installing digital payment terminals in leisure and tourism establishments maximises their commercial and operational performance. These connected technologies improve the customer experience, reduce queues and increase the time spent visiting the site.

What benefits can the pay station bring to your leisure and tourism establishment?

Digital kiosks offer a number of advantages for your establishment, creating a “phygital” experience that combines the physical and the digital. Thanks to connected screens, you can improve your operational efficiency by automating your processes:

  • Simplify access to information, making it easier for your customers to discover the full range of your offer and activities.
  • Increase the amount of time your customers spend on your site, thanks to interactive itineraries and entertaining content.
  • Automate the booking or payment of activities to save your staff time. At the same time, you can reduce waiting times for your customers, who can take care of themselves.
  • Collect customer reviews to help you identify ways of improving your services. In this way, you can give yourself the means to be ever more competitive by developing your offer in line with your customers’ expectations.
  • Ensure the security of your leisure and tourism establishment with a solution designed to meet the challenges of IT.

Is a digital terminal the right solution for my establishment?

The digital kiosk offers your visitors a modern, interactive experience. You can improve their satisfaction by developing more services and optimising your facilities’ operations.

La borne digitale permet-elle d’améliorer l’expérience client de mon établissement?

Sites dedicated to leisure and tourism can use digital kiosks to boost their customer experience. They provide access to a number of valuable features that contribute to greater visitor satisfaction:

  • The payment terminal facilitates access to information. This means you can promote your services more effectively, so that your customers get the most out of what you have to offer.
  • Reservations and ticket sales are accessible on a self-service basis. As a result, queues are reduced and the customer experience is quicker and more efficient.
  • Access to interactive and immersive content modernises the image of your leisure and tourism business.