These days, travel habits are changing rapidly. Managers of stations, airports and other transport infrastructures need to adapt to meet travellers’ expectations. Digital kiosks are an effective solution for achieving these objectives. They give passengers quick and easy access to essential services such as buying tickets, consulting timetables and checking in baggage.

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Transport: boost the efficiency of your services and meet passengers’ new expectations



Create an innovative image for your station, airport or any other type of transport company.



Offer travellers instant and practical transport services.



Improve your passenger flow management to make the organisation of your infrastructure more efficient.


Build loyalty

Gather customer feedback on your digital terminals so that you can continually improve your services.


Simplify the management of your facilities with digital payment terminals

Are you in charge of a transport establishment? Digital payment terminals are the perfect solution for your changing needs. You can improve passenger satisfaction by making them more autonomous in their transactions. They save time by using your screens installed throughout your station or airport. You make their travel experience smoother and more attractive.

Payment terminals help transport companies to optimise their business and develop high value-added services:

  • Make your digital transformation a reality by dematerialising as many of your processes as possible.
  • Make self-service ticket purchasing and booking easier, to reduce queues and simplify passenger flows.
  • Improve the way passengers are welcomed and their sense of expectation by offering them access to entertaining content.
  • Give passengers the opportunity to leave feedback on transport services to build loyalty.

Install digital payment terminals to optimise your transport company’s organisation

Thanks to their interactive and connected nature, payment terminals enable you to optimise all your operations. Passengers can use them independently to carry out a number of actions they need to take: for example, buying and paying for tickets, or booking additional services. Your agents save time and can focus on customer relations, giving advice and assistance to improve the passenger experience.

By using payment terminals, you can optimise your resources and simplify the operational management of your transport infrastructure:

  • Increase passenger autonomy.
  • Save your staff time and make them even more available.
  • Capture users’ attention and entertain them to improve their sense of expectation.
  • Automatically transmit information about additional services, such as car hire.
  • Offer additional services in your reception areas, such as locating key points or booking services.
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Transform your service

By choosing digital payment terminals, you benefit from innovative technology that optimises your operations and enhances the passenger experience. What’s more, these digital solutions are easy to install anywhere in your station or airport, for example in meeting areas and waiting areas. So you can simplify the management of passenger flows in your transport infrastructure:

  • Installing digital kiosks is quick and easy, because the screens require very little space.
  • The kiosks are designed to be intuitive, making them easy to navigate for users who now use interactive screens on a daily basis.
  • You can exploit the full potential of your payment terminals, without needing to train your staff.

Choose the IAGONA solution to transform your passenger journey. It’s a complete solution with software that we’ve specially designed to meet the needs of transport establishments. By equipping yourself with our digital kiosks, you gain access to functions that optimise your day-to-day organisation and enhance the quality of your services:

  • Efficiently manage passenger flows by offering targeted, personalised care, thanks to a customer journey tailored to their specific needs.
  • Take advantage of a secure solution to protect you from IT risks and guarantee the confidentiality of your data.



Iagona supports you in digitalising your customer journey

We are ready to listen to your projects for the installation of interactive kiosks, to support you in your digital transformation and to advise you on how best to meet your needs!

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Digital payment terminals in transport establishments

Installing payment terminals at stations and airports is an effective way of meeting passengers’ needs. You can reduce queues and optimise your organisation by saving time for your staff.

What benefits can the digital terminal bring to your transport company?

The digital terminal gives you access to a host of operational benefits that simplify the management of your facilities. Are you in charge of a station or airport? You can choose to install payment terminals to :

  • Improve your passenger flow management
  • Automate day-to-day operations such as buying tickets, booking services and consulting practical information.
  • Improve the passenger experience by providing accurate information on timetables and routes.
  • Guide passengers through your station or airport.
  • Optimise the productivity of your agents by relieving them of repetitive tasks.
  • Enhance your brand image by integrating modern, innovative technologies.
  • Increase passenger loyalty by collecting their opinions following their visit.

Is a digital terminal the right solution for my transport establishment?

The digital terminal enables you to optimise your processes and improve the passenger experience. It is an essential lever in the digital transformation of your transport infrastructure. Thanks to the kiosk, you can offer passengers the possibility of carrying out their procedures completely independently. By reducing their waiting time, you can boost passenger satisfaction and improve your people flow management.

Can the digital terminal improve the experience of transport users?

By installing payment terminals in your establishment, you can take advantage of a wide range of functions to simplify your staff’s day-to-day work. You can dematerialise the passenger journey and develop new value-added services:

  • Autonomous management: Digital terminals enable users to manage their needs autonomously, such as buying tickets and booking services. They are less dependent on the availability of your agents.
    Reduce waiting times: Digital kiosks streamline the pick-up process. Users can quickly make their reservations and transactions without having to queue.
  • Real-time information: Digital kiosks provide up-to-date information on timetables, routes, connections and any disruptions.
  • Personalised experience and customer loyalty: Digital kiosks can be used to collect information about users’ preferences. You can use them to create an even more personalised and satisfying passenger experience.