In the foodservice sector, technological developments have transformed customers’ eating habits. They are looking for faster, more convenient experiences, particularly in the city centres, to make the most of their lunch breaks. Today, restaurant owners can respond more effectively to their customers’ new expectations thanks to digital order-taking and payment terminals. This gives them the opportunity to better satisfy their customers, improve their customer experience and boost their commercial and operational performance.

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Restaurant owners: boost your sales, optimise your organisation and improve your customer experience!



Allow customers to place their orders and make their payments completely independently.



Automatically offer additional products to boost your sales.



Save your teams time so they can concentrate on preparing the dishes.



Reduce your queues by optimising your operations


Ordering terminals to improve your service and stand out from the crowd

Are you a restaurant owner? Digital kiosks give you the opportunity to make your services even more attractive, so you can stand out from the crowd and build customer loyalty. Thanks to them, you can respond favourably to one of their biggest concerns: being served as quickly as possible. Your customers can order or pay as soon as they enter the restaurant. Because their order is automatically passed on to the kitchen, they feel less of a wait. What’s more, this customer autonomy improves your operational efficiency. Your teams spend more time preparing dishes and your customers are served more quickly.

  • Transform: Create an attractive ordering experience as part of an omnichannel approach.
  • Reduce: Reduce customer waiting times by absorbing flows and speeding up order preparation.
  • Inform: Provide your customers with transparent information about your products: composition, origin, etc.
  • Customise: Offer menu suggestions based on your customers’ shopping habits.

Optimise your organisation to boost your results

By equipping your restaurant with ordering terminals, you can boost your operational performance at every level. You’ll ensure smooth, secure communication between your order-taking terminals, your kitchen screens and your till system.

  • Simplify the ordering process by considerably reducing waiting time for your customers. You can reduce your queue and prepare more dishes.
  • Increase your turnover by automatically offering additional products to your customers. Add value to your dishes and increase your average basket.
  • Create smooth, attractive customer experiences thanks to ergonomically designed screens. Modernise your restaurant’s image and encourage passers-by to enter your establishment.
  • Add value to your dishes and give consumers access to important information, such as nutritional details, product origin and allergens.

Take advantage of connectivity to improve the management of your restaurant

Digital terminals have the advantage of being easy to install in your restaurant. They take up very little space and require no special training for your staff. Because your customers are used to using interactive screens to access online services, you can be sure that your investment in kiosks will be optimal. The interfaces of our solutions are ergonomic and easy to use.

Choose the efficiency of IAGONA digital kiosks to benefit from a tailored technical and operational solution. Our software is specially designed to meet the needs of restaurateurs. Thanks to our solution, you can :

  • Ensure the digital transformation of your restaurant.
  • Create an omnichannel customer journey.
  • Connect your order terminals to your kitchen screens and your checkout system.
  • Guarantee the security of your IT system with a solution developed to meet the challenges of cyber security.



Iagona supports you in digitalising your customer journey

We are ready to listen to your projects for the installation of interactive kiosks, to support you in your digital transformation and to advise you on how best to meet your needs!

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Restaurant ordering terminals

Order kiosks help to improve service quality and create a personalised customer experience as part of an omnichannel approach. They reduce waiting time by absorbing the flow of customers and improving the efficiency of order preparation..


What benefits can the ordering terminal bring to your restaurant?

The installation of ordering terminals enables restaurant owners to promote the economic health of their establishment. They help them to achieve important objectives for their business, such as improving operational efficiency by absorbing flows, or improving customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times. They also improve customer loyalty by providing essential information about the products and menus on offer. If you are a restaurant owner, you can choose to install digital payment terminals to :

  • Reduce your queues to welcome and serve more customers.
  • Allow your staff to concentrate on higher value-added tasks such as preparing orders.
  • Create an omnichannel ordering process.
  • Enhance your menus and suggest additional products to increase your average basket and sales.
  • Modernise your restaurant and improve your customer experience.

Is a digital terminal the right solution for my restaurant?

Installing digital kiosks gives your customers the autonomy they expect. Thanks to them, you can serve them more quickly and increase their satisfaction. You’ll also enable your staff to concentrate on the tasks that contribute most to your operational efficiency. Take advantage of the benefits of new technologies to make running your restaurant easier:

  • Better communication between the dining room and the kitchen, reducing input errors and ensuring fast, accurate production.
  • Possibility of presenting special offers, promotions or recommendations to boost sales.
  • Enhance your brand image by adopting an innovative technological approach.

Will the order terminal make my restaurant more efficient?

By installing ordering terminals in strategic locations in your restaurant, you can optimise your flow management. The kiosks are invaluable tools for the digital transformation of your restaurant. They feature an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Customers can navigate easily and quickly through the ordering and payment process.