Technological innovation is driving the ongoing transformation of the banking sector. The development of online services is influencing the habits of bank customers. Customers are demanding ever greater immediacy, and are finding answers in the paperless world. Today’s bank branches need interactive solutions such as cheque deposit and cash deposit terminals to attract customers to their branches. In this way, they can capitalise on the differentiating qualities of branches: the customer experience and the local relationship.

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Banks: Maximise the quality of your services with digital terminals!



Allow your customers to meet their needs independently and reduce the feeling of waiting.



Support your customers at all times with direct access to a wealth of information and resources.



Use interactivity to carry out the routine operations included in your banking services, for example by installing a cheque deposit terminal.



Ask your customers for their opinion to ensure you are as close as possible to their needs.

Iagona Banque
Iagona Banque

An interactive solution for greater efficiency

Do you work in a banking establishment? Thanks to interactive solutions such as cheque deposit terminals, you can boost your business and improve performance at every level. Installed in self-service banking areas (LSB), they enable you to :

  • empower your customers to take care of their needs.
  • improve the efficiency of your branch advisers, who can devote more time to high added-value tasks.
  • relieve queues during busy periods.
  • measure your customers’ satisfaction so that you can continually improve your services.

Digital terminals in banks: a self-service solution that empowers your customers

Today, your customers are used to carrying out routine transactions themselves using connected screens. For example, interactive terminals are commonly used to manage accounts. But there are many other services that can be provided by these interactive tools. They are levers contributing to the digital transformation of a banking establishment.

What services can your customers carry out completely independently on a digital terminal installed in your self-service banking area?

  • Deposit cash or hand in cheques
  • Manage your account and find out about products and services
  • Order cheque books

Benefit from the advantages of connectivity to facilitate your digital transformation

The self-service kiosk is so easy to set up that it’s a big hit! You need very little space and you can install it without having to train your advisers. Your customers can easily navigate the kiosk interface, which is designed to be intuitive:

  • you enable your customers to take charge immediately.
  • you can reduce your waiting times to better satisfy your customers during busy periods.
  • you can ask your customers what they think of their experience at your branch, to help build loyalty.
  • you modernise your brand image, encouraging customers to enter your establishment.

You’ll benefit from an interactive touch solution equipped with software designed to meet the needs of banking establishments and an intuitive, innovative reception system that enables you to :

  • manage flows with targeted customer care: the customer path is created to adapt to the reason for the visit and guide them to the appropriate services.
  • boost your sales performance: by increasing your customer numbers and promoting your latest offers
  • protect you from IT risks: your solution is developed to meet the challenges of IT security.



Iagona supports you in digitalising your customer journey

We are ready to listen to your projects for the installation of interactive kiosks, to support you in your digital transformation and to advise you on how best to meet your needs!

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Digital terminals in bank branches

Intuitive and adapted to customer needs, the interactive touch terminal enables your bank to improve its performance. You can facilitate access to your day-to-day transactions (depositing cheques or cash) 


What benefits can the interactive kiosk bring to your bank?

Thanks to their tactile and interactive nature, kiosks make your establishment “phygital”. This concept is a contraction of the terms “physical” and “digital”. It is used to describe the integration of a digital experience into a physical point of sale. A bank branch can turn a technological solution such as a digital kiosk into a real lever for operational performance:

  • Absorb the flow of people into your bank more efficiently.
  • Take charge of your customers more quickly by asking them why they are coming.
  • Automate routine operations.
  • Allow advisers to concentrate on higher value-added services, such as advice.
  • Add value to your promotional offers.

Is a cheque or cash deposit terminal a good solution for my bank branch?

When customers have access to an interactive solution in a self-service banking area (SSBA), they enjoy the benefits of autonomy. By installing a cheque or cash deposit terminal in your bank, you enable them to take care of many of their needs themselves. As well as improving customer satisfaction, you save time for your advisers, who can devote themselves to other tasks.

By equipping yourself with a cheque or cash deposit terminal, you can make your bank more efficient by automating a number of day-to-day operations, such as depositing cheques or cash, or issuing deposit slips.

Will the digital terminal make my bank branch more efficient?

Whether in operational or commercial terms, the digital kiosk maximises your bank’s performance. All it takes is a judicious location in your self-service banking area (LSB) for an interactive screen with intuitive ergonomics to be perfectly exploited. In this way, you can respond to the new habits and demands of your customers. For example, by equipping yourself with cheque or cash deposit terminals, you can make your customers more independent, reduce their waiting time, improve their satisfaction and win their loyalty.