Office cheque scanner

  • Enables professionals to scan their cheques and/or prepaid vouchers, to speed up their collection
  • Accepts all cashless documents (cheques, service employment cheques, vouchers + cheques)
  • Generates TLMC (Télétransmission de Lignes Magnétiques Chèques) files that comply with banking standards and interfaces with your management system
  • NeoScan can also endorse cheques automatically – a function developed for the needs of property managers in particular.

Offres et services


Save money

Reduce the cost of archiving cheques and cut your postage costs


Make money

Neoscan enables you to improve your processes with proven profitability from as little as 25 cheques per day.



Speed up the bank deposit process and optimise cheque cashing times



Electronic archiving of data ensures traceability and avoids data entry errors

Offer your customers a digital payment solution to enhance their experience in your shop. Iagona can help you with your project from A to Z.

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The benefits of Neoscan

With Neoscan, you can speed up cheque cashing and eliminate the difficulties associated with manual operations. This frees up resources that you can allocate to other, higher value-added tasks.

Quick and easy to install

  • USB installation key
  • Installation manual
  • Download of the user licence after entering your identifier (automatically or sent by email)
  • Telephone support during installation (free hotline excluding call charges).

Limited risk

  • Speeding up the collection of your cheques
  • Rapid account credit
  • Automated processing
  • Traceability thanks to photographic archiving

Proven cost savings

  • Optimises resources
  • Reduces transport costs
  • Reduces the cost of archiving cheques
  • Rapid return on investment

A Plug & Play solution

NeoScan is a Plug&Play* application that requires no adaptation, so there are no project costs.

The software associated with our solution, NeoScan Suite, installs in just a few clicks and gives you immediate access to its intuitive interface. NeoScan’s ease of use means you save real time in your cheque acquisition processes. The return on investment is immediate.

* Ready to use

Simple operation


The scanner

  • Records the magnetic line of the cheque
  • Scans all the information available on the cheque
  • Takes a photo of the cheque
  • Adds the endorsement to the back of the cheque
  • Prints the information you have defined

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