In the hotel sector, technological innovation is the ideal solution for keeping pace with changing customer expectations, particularly in terms of experience. Travellers stopping off at a hotel want to be served quickly, if possible 24/7, while enjoying a warm, human welcome. Thanks to interactive kiosks/digital payment terminals, hotel managers can create close relationships with their customers and meet their high expectations.

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Hotels: make your customer experience more attractive with digital payment terminals



Speed up and automate the arrival and departure of travellers, to reduce queues at your hotel reception.



Allow your customers to manage certain tasks on their own, using personalised content delivered according to their needs.



Install digital kiosks to give your establishment an innovative image and create an attractive customer experience.


Make it easy

Guide your customers with dynamic itineraries that help them find the room where their event is taking place: meeting, company seminar, etc.


Boost your hotel’s image with digital terminals

Are you a hotel manager? With digital payment terminals, you gain access to a host of features that will help you manage your hotel more efficiently, optimise your guests’ experience and strengthen your positioning.

Equip your hotel with digital pay stations and enjoy benefits that boost your operational and commercial performance:

  • Accompany your visitors in their needs: Allow your reception teams to save time by automating check-in and check-out procedures in your hotel on digital payment terminals. Interactive solutions can also be used to guide your visitors around your establishment so that they can find the space they are looking for more easily.
  • Offer your customers greater autonomy: You improve the customer experience in your hotel by allowing your visitors to take charge of themselves. You reduce their sense of waiting, which improves their satisfaction.
  • Modernise your hotel’s image: By installing a digital payment terminal, you give your establishment a modern, innovative image. You increase visitors’ interest in your hotel and make their stay more enjoyable.

Digital payment terminals in hotels to simplify your processes

In the hotel sector, digital terminals maximise the quality of the guest experience. You can communicate with them 24/7 using a digital medium on which you can broadcast the dynamic content you want. Everything is done to simplify the process for hotel guests, so that they are more satisfied.

Offer the services of your choice via self-service digital payment terminals:

  • Information on hotel services
  • Check availability and make reservations
  • Booking standard services and hotel rooms
  • Secure payment
  • Collect customer reviews and share photos
  • Tourist advice

The benefits of connected tools designed to improve hotel service management

Digital payment terminals are becoming increasingly popular in the hotel sector because they are so easy to install. They take up very little space and can be set up in the space of your choice. The kiosks are solutions that help your teams to concentrate on high added-value tasks. You can automate as many processes as possible on the kiosks, whose fluid navigation offers your customers a user-friendly experience.

You can count on digital kiosks to deliver technological and operational benefits:

  • Allow your customers to take immediate charge of certain tasks, giving them greater autonomy.
  • Reduce queues during busy periods and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ask your customers what they think about their experience in your hotel, to help build loyalty.

Choose the efficiency of IAGONA interactive terminals, payment solutions with software specifically designed to meet the needs of hotels. Our comprehensive solution enables you to :

  • Manage customer flows in a targeted way, by adapting the customer journey and guiding them to the appropriate services.
  • Boost your sales performance by attracting more customers and promoting your offers with content.
  • Ensure the security of your IT systems by protecting against cyber risks.



Iagona supports you in digitalising your customer journey

We are ready to listen to your projects for the installation of interactive kiosks, to support you in your digital transformation and to advise you on how best to meet your needs!

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LDigital payment terminals in hotels

Digital kiosks enable hotels to improve the guest experience and offer greater autonomy. They can make quick check-ins to avoid queues at reception and find their way around the hotel using dynamic itineraries.


What benefits can a digital pay station bring to your hotel?

The self-service digital payment terminal boosts the commercial and operational performance of hotels. There are many benefits to be expected:

  • Efficient management of people flows, reducing queues in the hotel.
  • Automation of routine operations, so that hotel staff can concentrate on higher added-value tasks.
  • Effective promotion of special offers and events.
  • Creation of a “phygital” environment combining the best of the physical and digital worlds, for an innovative brand image.
  • Overall improvement in customer experience and visitor satisfaction.

Is a digital terminal the right solution for my hotel?

For a hotel, installing digital payment terminals is a way of improving the customer experience. By automating your processes, you can serve your guests more effectively and more quickly, as well as optimising your operational efficiency. Hotel information and services can be accessed 24/7, boosting customer satisfaction. You can also offer your guests the opportunity to interact with your hotel, for example by allowing them to give their opinion or share photos of their experience in your establishment.

Will the digital terminal help me manage my hotel more efficiently?

The use of digital payment terminals in a hotel boosts the operational and commercial efficiency of the establishment. By placing interactive screens in strategic locations, you are responding to the demands of your customers and their new travel habits. You enable them to be more autonomous, so that they can be taken care of more quickly and their experience in your hotel is smoother, all of which helps to improve their satisfaction.

Digital kiosks offer a wide range of uses for hotels. You can simplify the check-in and check-out process for travellers, reducing queues and allowing your staff to concentrate on essential tasks. You can also provide guests with detailed information about your hotel’s day-to-day services, such as reservations for a restaurant table, a spa slot or a laundry service.