Digital terminals are tools that can be used to benefit society. For example, they can be used to improve patient care in healthcare establishments and enhance the quality of the patient experience. Thanks to them, the services offered by these establishments can be extended, and the quality of interactions between the public and healthcare staff can be improved.

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Healthcare establishments: maximise the quality of your care by installing digital terminals


Make it easy

Simplify procedures for patients and visitors by making them more independent.



Improve the quality of your services by digitising your processes.



Make your establishment more innovative and improve the experience of visitors


Raise awareness

Disseminate useful information to help prevent illness and protect your patients’ health.


Interactive solutions for the health of patients and visitors

Are you in charge of a healthcare establishment? Digital kiosks optimise your operational performance and make your management and nursing staff even more efficient. Thanks to them, your patients benefit from rapid and optimised care.

Installing digital kiosks in healthcare establishments enables your patients to benefit from an easier care pathway, making their experience more pleasant. You can use the kiosk interface in your healthcare establishment to :

  • Make autonomous: Offer patients and visitors the possibility of carrying out certain time-saving steps themselves, such as admission or updating their file.
  • Improve : Help your medical staff focus more effectively on your healthcare services to improve quality.
  • Optimise: Offer patients and visitors the option of paying any remaining charges or access to comfort services outside of opening hours.
  • Gather feedback: Allow resident patients to give you their feedback, and improve their day-to-day lives by adapting your services accordingly.

Take advantage of our business expertise tailored to the needs of healthcare establishments

Rely on IAGONA to simplify your organisation and improve the efficiency of your establishment. Our software and tailor-made developments enable you to :

  • Efficiently manage patient and visitor flows. You can provide targeted care, tailored to their needs, and automatically guide them to the appropriate services.
  • Optimise your performance by increasing your throughput.
  • Maximise the quality of your services by carrying out your own digital transformation.
  • Guarantee the security of your data with a solution developed to meet IT security requirements.

Improve the efficiency of your healthcare facility by empowering your patients

Digital terminals in healthcare establishments offer an improved experience for patients. They reduce their waiting time and make administrative procedures easier. They also make it easier for you to direct people to the services they need, optimising your reception. Installing digital terminals in your healthcare establishment is also a way of protecting your patients by running awareness campaigns. More broadly, they can be used to communicate other essential information such as opening times and emergency numbers.

What services can your patients carry out independently on a digital terminal installed in your healthcare establishment?

  • Find out about your services and the procedures to follow.
  • Be taken care of more quickly by registering and giving the reason for their visit.
  • Carry out various administrative procedures: updating medical records, paying for care services, etc.
  • Enjoy a smoother, more pleasant experience, with a care pathway tailored to their needs.



Iagona supports you in digitalising your customer journey

We are ready to listen to your projects for the installation of interactive kiosks, to support you in your digital transformation and to advise you on how best to meet your needs!

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Request a demonstration of our solutionDigital kiosks for admissions to healthcare establishments

Digital kiosks are an advantageous solution for healthcare establishments. They enable them to improve their organisation, optimising processes and making the care pathway smoother. Patients can carry out all their procedures independently: registration, updating their file, etc.


What are the benefits of the hospital admission terminal?

The digital kiosk creates value in your healthcare establishment. It improves your operational efficiency and makes things easier for patients. Its many benefits will help you simplify your day-to-day operations:

  • Optimising patient flow, for more efficient management of appointments and queues.
  • Improving the patient experience, by simplifying access to information and services: booking appointments, consulting medical results, updating personal data, etc.
  • Reduce the administrative workload by automating certain tasks, such as patient registration and cost recovery.
    Modernise your healthcare establishment’s image.

Is a digital terminal the right solution for my healthcare establishment?

By installing digital kiosks, you can transform and improve your care pathway. Their effectiveness makes it easier for you to achieve a number of key objectives for your healthcare establishment:

  • Simplification of administrative procedures.
  • Improved communication between medical staff, patients and visitors.
  • Quick access to information: procedures, opening times, emergency numbers.
  • Possibility of collecting patient feedback to improve the quality of your services.

Will the admission terminal improve the efficiency of my healthcare establishment?

Digital terminals are effective solutions for optimising your organisation at every level. Digitalising the patient pathway, reducing queues, saving time for medical staff… You can improve the quality of your services by making your patients more autonomous in their care.