Thanks to technological developments, the public sector is facing an unprecedented opportunity for transformation. Today, the managers of local authorities, town halls, tourist offices and even Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) need innovative solutions such as payment terminals to meet the new expectations of citizens. These interactive tools enable citizens to access increasingly efficient and instant public services, and to become more involved in the life of the community.

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Local authorities: Optimise your services and strengthen your relationship with citizens


Make it easy

Make your services easily accessible, guide your constituents through their procedures and issue official documents in just a few clicks.



Optimise your display spaces and increase your information storage capacity for efficient management.



Transform your establishment into a dynamic place to live by encouraging your constituents to interact, and create better collaboration.



Make it easier for people to find their way around your local authority and reduce queues by automating your processes with digital kiosks.

Collectivités - Administrations
Collectivités - Administrations

A digital solution to optimise administrative procedures for local authorities

Are you in charge of a local authority, town hall, tourist office or CCI? Equip yourself with digital payment terminals to make managing your administration easier:

  • Offer more instantaneous public services: you enable citizens to carry out their formalities without waiting and in complete autonomy: requesting documents, filling in forms, etc.
  • Make your public services accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Provide access to administrative services outside office hours, so that all citizens can carry out the necessary procedures, whatever their time constraints.
  • Provide an intuitive user interface: Allow your constituents to navigate through an easy-to-use digital terminal, where the steps to follow to benefit from public services are clear and require no additional assistance.
  • Ensure data confidentiality and security: Use tools designed to guarantee the confidentiality of citizens’ personal information. By choosing interactive kiosks with advanced security measures, you can increase the confidence of citizens and protect their data.

Payment terminals in local authorities and administrations: an enhanced citizen experience

Digital payment terminals maximise the quality of your citizens’ experience. Thanks to their self-service access, they save your customers time, which improves their satisfaction. The user-friendly interface of digital kiosks in local authorities makes them easy to learn and use for all citizens, whatever their age or experience of using digital solutions.  

What services can your constituents use on a digital kiosk installed in your local authority?

  • Find out about local authority news and communications.
  • Fill in administrative forms.
  • Monitor the progress of their requests.
  • Make appointments for specific services.
  • Take part in surveys and give feedback.
  • Make payments for municipal services.
Collectivités - Administrations

Optimise your processes with the technological advantages of digital kiosks for local authorities and administrations

As the head of a local authority or administration, install payment terminals in your establishment to improve the quality of your services and offer new ones!

  • Take care of their needs instantly.
  • Reduce their waiting time.
  • Giving them a say so they can play a more active part in community life.
  • Spend even more pleasant moments in your community thanks to the modern image of your establishment.

Rely on IAGONA digital pay stations to equip yourself with a high-quality interactive solution, featuring software specially designed to meet the needs of local authorities and administrations. Benefit from an intuitive and innovative reception system, enabling you to :

  • Manage visitor flows by providing targeted service, adapting your visitors’ itinerary to the nature of their visit and guiding them to the appropriate services.
  • Boost your local authority’s appeal by giving your constituents access to the information they need via a wide range of content.
  • Strengthen the protection of your data management system, so you’re better prepared for IT risks with appropriate protection.



Iagona supports you in digitalising your customer journey

We are ready to listen to your projects for the installation of interactive kiosks, to support you in your digital transformation and to advise you on how best to meet your needs!

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Digital payment terminals for local authorities and public services

By integrating digital payment terminals in local authorities and administrations, you can improve the experience of your citizens and modernise your services.

What benefits can a digital payment terminal bring to your local authority, town hall, tourist office or CCI?

Integrating digital payment terminals into your local authority, town hall, tourist office or CCI helps you to improve the quality of your services and offer new, high added-value services. Thanks to these interactive, connected tools, you can streamline your processes, automate certain tasks and free up time for your staff. What’s more, you can create a closer relationship with your constituents, maximising their satisfaction and encouraging them to become even more involved in the life of the community.

Digital payment terminals bring a host of benefits to public authorities:

  • A modern, attractive user experience, combining the best of the physical and digital worlds.
  • Reduced queues, as visitors can complete certain procedures independently.
  • Improve your local authority’s operational efficiency by automating tasks and freeing up time for your agents and employees.
  • Enhance your brand image with attractive promotional content and an innovative user experience.
  • Gather data and feedback to optimise your services and better meet visitors’ expectations.

Is a digital payment terminal the right solution for my public establishment?

The pay station is a relevant solution for your local authority. It gives your constituents greater autonomy and practical solutions that respond effectively to their needs and expectations. By equipping yourself with digital terminals, you can improve the performance of your organisation and benefit from a number of advantages:

  • User autonomy: you enable citizens to carry out a range of tasks and procedures independently, without the need for any assistance.
  • Time savings: you make it easier to access your local authority’s information and public services, so that your constituents can save time and enjoy a reduced sense of waiting.
  • Streamlined processes: you can automate some of your day-to-day tasks so that your staff can concentrate on higher added-value activities.
  • Improved citizen experience: you can improve the experience of the public you welcome and strengthen your local authority’s image.
  • Involve residents in public life: digital kiosks allow you to collect the opinions and ideas of your residents, helping you to better understand their needs and optimise your services.

Will the digital pay station make my local authority more efficient?

Whether at an operational level or as part of your activities, the pay station enables your community to be more efficient. Installing it in your establishment helps to optimise your services and processes.