Cheque remittance software

  • ARChe stands for Application de Remise de Chèques (Cheque Delivery Application).
  • Software for self-service cheque delivery machines
  • Developed by Iagona
  • Enables bank customers to deposit their cheques easily
  • Eliminates the need to fill in a deposit slip

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ARChe software is used to facilitate the deposit of cheques at a cheque deposit machine using card or code identification.



ARChe makes it easier and quicker to credit your account, which is a clear advantage for customers, who can see how much money they have quickly.



Thanks to the software, customers can now identify themselves differently at the kiosk, eliminating the need to use a cheque deposit slip.



The software has been designed to be accessible to all customers. Intuitive, it is easy to learn and navigate.

Digitalise your bank with Iagona solutions, pioneers in digital cheque delivery. We support you from A to Z in the installation of your solutions, from the selection of your terminal according to your branch flows to the daily monitoring of cheque processing with our secure software.

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ARChe software features

Configurable identifications

Our ARChe software gives banks a great deal of freedom with regard to the identification settings and mandatory information to be entered on the interface:

  • Identification by bank card / Account number / QR code
  • Entry of total amount / Number of cheques
  • For business deposits (remittance number / batch number / CMC7 track, etc.)

Amount management

Thanks to ARChe, it is easy to manage all the situations encountered when scanning deposited cheques, whether the cheque is deposited singly or in bundles:

  • The amount of the cheque is automatically proposed to the depositor for validation or correction
  • The absence of compulsory information such as the signature or the endorsement is automatically detected and the cheque is expelled for correction.
  • Banks can decide on the maximum amounts accepted at the terminals in order to guarantee specific processing.

Security settings

Arche can be used to secure the use of the machine:

  • If the customer is inactive for a certain period of time, the current deposit is closed and the cheques in question are rejected.
  • If the cheques do not comply with the pre-requisites defined by the bank, they are not accepted (signature, missing back, etc.).
  • If different means of authentication are available, they will be proposed to the depositor (entering the account number or inserting a bank card).

Bank mode

A specific development in ARChe allows banks to use cheque deposit machines to :

  • Eliminate the need for a back-office scanner and acquire all the cheques received during the day
  • Manage batches: the application generates virtual slips for a set of cheques deposited by the customer on his account during the same transaction and the summary data relating to this deposit.

The advantages of ARChe software

  • Acquisition of individual or bundled cheques according to the bank’s needs and the type of flows or customers (Individuals/Professionals)
  • Integration of all remote collection agents on the market
  • Integration of AI – Artificial Intelligence – with its cursive character recognition engine
  • Displaced remittance management (click on the link to find out more)
  • Reject cheques in error without interrupting the reading of the bundle
  • Capture and store forgotten cheques in the reject tray
  • Print a receipt or a copy of the cheques. The receipt can include details of the deposit of one or more cheques.
  • Numerous dynamic animations and sound signals to assist customers during cheque deposit and alert them if they forget their bank card or other document in the machine.
  • The keypads for entering account numbers, bank details and amounts are dynamic, so as to guide the user better: the keys are activated and deactivated according to the context.
  • Display of reading errors: depending on the error, different screens explain the problem to the user (cheque upside down, abnormal document size, jam, wrong document, euro cheque only, etc.).
  • Immediate dematerialisation of the cheque to avoid losing documents at every stage of the process.

Optimised supervision

Iagona has made available to its customers a remote monitoring tool, ScrutisWeb, enabling them to control, supervise and therefore secure their fleet of PLCs in real time. A remote monitoring agent is deployed on all Iagona PLCs to enable our customer service to be pro-active, to check that they are working properly and to prevent faults. Any software or hardware anomaly is immediately reported and corrective action is taken.

In the same



Supervision software for automated systems

  • A secure solution for supervising a fleet of PLCs
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Proactive monitoring of your PLCs
  • Reduces response time in the event of a problem
  • Automation of routine downloading and optimisation tasks
neoscan suite

NeoScan Suite

Cheque processing software

  • The software generates TLMC files
  • NeoscanSuite interfaces with all ERP systems
  • Files are sent directly to the depositor’s bank
  • Optimisation of resources through automation
  • Cost reduction and data security
  • Guaranteed cheque traceability
  • Automated dematerialised data archiving
  • Reduces cheque cashing times


Software solutions

  • Software platform facilitating the porting or development of a business application on Iagona terminals
  • Simplifies the management of your interactive terminals thanks to an embedded WEB API
  • Allows non-experts to take charge of the integration of complex peripherals (TPAs for example)
  • Natively connects the business application to ScrutisWeb supervision software in order to report the status of the terminal and its components in real time
  • Secures Windows desktop access to the terminal



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