Software development

  • API stands for Application Programming Interface.
  • Enables two pieces of software and/or hardware to communicate with each other
  • Makes applications or objects run more smoothly
  • Numerous customised business applications
  • Protects data exchanges

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APIs simplify communication between an interface and a payment terminal.



The API guarantees the data exchange protocols between software and payment terminals and secures transactions.



Iagona’s developers are experienced in developing specific business applications according to customer needs.



The API makes it easy to change equipment thanks to plug & play and regulatory changes.

Offer your customers a digital payment solution to enhance their experience in your establishment. Iagona can help you with your project from A to Z.

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The benefits of development APIs

Facilitates data exchanges

Development APIs are real solutions for simplifying communication between an interface and a payment terminal. They allow you to easily integrate new payment methods into your equipment (e.g. payment by QR Code), or to update your data in line with any regulatory changes that may occur (e.g. the increase in a payment mount allowing contactless or non-contactless payment).

Time savings

Thanks to software APIs, you can save time on installation and updating processes, so you can concentrate your teams’ efforts on developing new customer journeys tailored to your needs. With APIs, you don’t have to worry about changing hardware (e.g. changing a printer). The API takes care of making the link with your new hardware, so plug & play is real. Thanks to a simulated mode, publishers can test and develop their applications without their hardware, avoiding unnecessary return trips.

Data security

Software development APIs protect your data from A to Z. Iagona delivers complete, customisable applications that guarantee data exchange protocols and secure transactions, whether by cash, credit card or cheque, on our various models of payment terminals for :

  • Pay energy bills
  • Pay your rent
  • Pay your phone bill (SFR and
  • Orange in French overseas departments and territories)
  • Pay your Canal Plus subscription
  • Pay for excess baggage (Air France/KLM)

What is a business application?

A business application is an IT development designed to simplify tasks and automate payment, enrolment or user management processes. Companies can opt for a standard application or have a customised business application developed to suit their needs. It offers a more ergonomic and intuitive user experience. The aim is to improve a department’s profitability and productivity. Iagona’s expertise means we can adapt to your specific needs and requirements.


APIs developed by Iagona

Iagona adapts to your needs and develops APIs according to your business and your requirements. The payment API allows you to integrate all payment methods: CB, contactless, cash, cheque, QR code or smartphone. The Iagona API for the hotel industry makes it easier to read identity cards and manage deposits. For healthcare, our API lets you read a carte vitale, print medical invoices and scan documents required for admission. Iagona’s supervision API enables native integration with Scrutisweb or any other tool for reporting peripheral operating status and maintaining a fleet of PLCs.

In the same



Développements logiciels

  • API est l’acronyme d’Application Programming Interface
  • Permet à deux logiciels et/ou matériel de communiquer entre eux
  • Fluidifie le fonctionnement d’applications ou d’objets
  • De nombreuses applications métier créées sur mesure
  • Protège les échanges de données


Logiciel de Remise de Chèques

  • ARChe est l’acronyme d’Application de Remise de Chèques
  • Logiciel équipant les automates de remise de chèque libre-service
  • Développé par Iagona
  • Permet aux clients bancaires de déposer facilement leurs chèques
  • Evite de remplir un bordereau de remise


Logiciel de supervision de parcs d’automates

  • Solution sécurisée de supervision de parcs d’automates
  • Accessible depuis n’importe quel navigateur
  • Surveillance proactive de vos automates
  • Réduction du temps de réponse en cas de problème
  • Automatisation des tâches routinières de téléchargement et d’optimisation

NeoScan Suite

Logiciel de traitement de chèques

  • Le logiciel génère des fichiers TLMC
  • NeoscanSuite s’interface à tous les ERP
  • Les fichiers sont transmis directement à la banque du déposant
  • Optimisation des ressources grâce à l’automatisation
  • Réduction des coûts et sécurisation des données
  • Garantie de traçabilité des chèques
  • Automatisation de l’archivage dématérialisé des données 
  • Diminue le délai d’encaissement des chèques


Solution logicielle

  • Plateforme logicielle facilitant le portage ou le développement d’une application métier sur les bornes Iagona
  • Simplifie le pilotage de vos bornes interactives grâce à une API WEB embarquée
  • Permet aux non experts de prendre en charge l’intégration de périphériques complexes (les TPA par exemple)
  • Connecte nativement l’application métier au logiciel de supervision ScrutisWeb afin de remonter en temps réel l’état de la borne et de ses composants
  • Sécurise l’accès bureau Windows de la borne



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