Touchscreen terminals for fast food: optimize order taking!

23 January 2024

More and more fast food players, whether franchised or independent, are moving towards touchscreen ordering terminals within their establishments. New entrants to the market or historic Fast Food behemoths quickly understood the benefit of using this type of touchscreen terminal intended for fast food. Iagona, a French expert in digital self-service solutions, offers you an order-taking terminal to equip a restaurant with a high-performance solution.

What are the functionalities of the Iagona order terminal?

By listening to customer expectations and the needs of restaurateurs, Iagona was able to develop a unique and efficient digital solution for both stakeholders. Customer satisfaction is so high on this type of ordering terminal that it is difficult to go back and remove the ordering and payment terminal for fast food, once installed in a food outlet.



This success can be explained by the different functionalities:

  • Easy and ergonomic order taking: The software solution adapts perfectly to each restaurant and each menu. Each restaurateur can easily modify their menu daily if necessary, this flexibility is very useful.
  • Smooth and customizable ordering process: When ordering, the terminal takes into account the customer’s choices to offer them the best products. It is possible to add options or additional products to the order to increase the average basket.
  • Payment directly at the terminal to relieve checkout congestion
  • Printing of an order form which will serve as proof of purchase to receive the order
  • Sending the order form to the kitchen immediately to reduce waiting times and have better flow in order preparation
  • Export of order data for accounting, inventory management, etc.

The features integrate the needs and expectations of each person to provide better productivity and a better experience with each visit to a restaurant. The speed and conformity of orders are essential criteria for the success of fast food.

An ordering terminal, a must in fast food

  • The order terminal can be deployed very easily in all fast food outlets. With its perfectly modular software and beautiful ergonomics of the interface, customers and restaurateurs can use it without problem.
  • Customer flows are boosted and queues are limited. In fact, employees are only responsible for order preparation or reception. In some points of sale, 80% of turnover is made in just one hour! Between availability and reduced waiting time, the experience becomes more pleasant but also an increase in productivity and therefore turnover.
  • Thanks to a stylish and reliable ordering terminal combined with high-performance software, your solution adapts to your needs to facilitate the operation of your fast food outlet.