How do interactive terminals generate income?

23 January 2024

Interactive terminals constitute a real vein within a large number of markets, such as catering, health, banks, retail, industry, etc. In fact, they maintain a very high level of competitiveness, generating a number significant revenue, in addition to offering an innovative and effective opportunity to build consumer loyalty.v

A strategic investment: why install an LED panel, in what location and with what objectives?

There are a large number of formats and types of LED advertising screens, but not all are designed to be used in the same conditions. They are distinguished by their characteristics: screen size, type of support, installation location (indoors or outdoors, in a window or in the waiting area of ​​an establishment, etc.). How do you know which one will best meet a company’s needs?

  • Industries are on the razor’s edge

Industries are becoming increasingly competitive, and it is difficult for leaders to maintain a constant stream of management, customer service, and management effectively.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on a large part of these markets.

The costs of maintaining a structure are increasingly high and require more deployment of labor.

  • Interactive terminals, a new hope?

Self-service kiosks have been successful in many markets, instilling new consumer habits that benefit those markets. Indeed, the terminals have proven to be a major strategic asset.

For example, in Texas, Convenience Store magazine indicates that CEFCO, an American grocery chain, has seen a 27% increase in its orders since the adoption of a touch terminal, in addition to noting that customers Store customers make other purchases displayed at checkout.

Touchscreen terminals improve the customer experience

The customer journey is the essential step within a business. Therefore, employees must support it from start to finish. These steps that represent the customer experience can be costly in terms of staff and time, including training and solicitation of staff.

This leads to queues, and possibly departures. Additionally, employees may develop a monotonous feeling of soliciting every customer, asking the same questions. Rejection can also be a hindrance that could prevent employees from fulfilling all customer requests.

They choose the time to spend on the terminal
Opportunities, such as promotions, or top sales are more highlighted due to its adaptability
The terminal has better visibility in order to support the customer in the purchasing process
The added value per customer increases drastically, due to the number of possible choices, much greater than what traditional merchandising can provide.

The efficiency of touch terminals

Touchscreen terminals have the advantage of performing the most repetitive tasks, requiring no special assistance. The customer therefore has a greater preference towards an establishment equipped with automated systems, which makes it possible to generate more income, while minimizing operational costs, such as training, for example.

This allows more time to be devoted to managing and supervising activities, as well as customer satisfaction, even in the event of employee absences or turnover. This develops a mindset of thinking and acting in large quantities, while prioritizing, via touchscreen terminals, excellent customer service.

This leads to customer loyalty which, moreover, generates more revenue in the long term.

Supervision of unpaid bills, invoices, and customer entries is made simpler thanks to touch terminals. This versatility directly benefits the establishment, which can thus count on autonomous and efficient management.

Thus, the costs generated are largely covered by increased income tenfold, in the medium and long term.

Touchscreen terminals influence consumer behavior

Touchscreen terminals have the advantage of being able to adapt depending on the location and time. Thus, offering exclusive sales, more attractive, in a more practical way, in addition to instilling a feeling of modernity

The important thing is that the user feels in control; thus nothing is imposed on him, and every choice rests on his own, without external influence; the sale is thus faster, and the average basket increases by 15% on average.

This phenomenon was observed and analyzed at McDonald’s by Steve Easterbrook, former CEO of McDonald’s, who said: “What we see is that when people linger longer, they choose more. There is a slight increase in the size of the average basket.”

For example, cinemas equipped with interactive terminals offer, in addition to entry tickets, snacks and other consumables available when finalizing the order. This reduces the consumer’s wait and allows an “all-in-one” purchase. The same as in a fast food establishment, where the installation of a touchscreen terminal will optimize order taking.

The advantages linked to loyalty (exclusive promotions), and its efficiency, as well as the consumer’s feeling of autonomy, make the interactive terminal one of the best levers of commercial performance for any company dealing with customers directly. , because a satisfied consumer will be more inclined to return or recommend the establishment.

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