Funeral Services on the threshold of digitalization

23 January 2024

A sensitive societal subject par excellence, death may well be part of the cycle of life, but when it occurs, it inevitably plunges those close to the deceased into grief and dismay. This is why, in these moments more than ever, feeling listened to, well advised and supported is, after all, the beginning of a certain comfort.

The human mission of funeral services then takes on its full meaning in all aspects. From welcoming bereaved families, to establishing the administrative file, to choosing services, to the burial or cremation of the deceased.

Whether you operate within a family funeral business, a group of funeral directors or a new type of start-up, you are committed to carrying out your mission.

For our part, we design digital tools (kiosks, dynamic display screens, totems, desks) capable of bringing added value to your daily life.

Helpful digital – as we like to call it – is there to support you and transform an inevitable and oh-so-painful experience into a time of listening, exchange and contemplation. Here’s how.

Accompanying and supporting bereaved families in the digital age

In the repositories within funeral homes
  • WELCOME FAMILIES – Nothing will ever replace human contact, that’s obvious. That being said, new technologies have the advantage of bringing modernity, fluidity and clarity to the presentation of your products and services. One or more dynamic display screens can be placed in a window or inside your establishment. A short institutional video to present the company, the group’s values, and eco-responsible commitments. Brief thematic videos to explain how families are supported, the process of a funeral service, but also the qualitative or eco-responsible commitments concerning the offering of funeral products (coffins, steles, decorations, etc.).
  • INFORM FAMILIES – The display of benefits can also be detailed for greater transparency, with the presentation of products (coffins, urns, steles, funeral plaques, etc.) and services (funeral insurance, administrative follow-up service for survivors of the deceased ) can, for its part, be carried out on touch panels. No more need to print and reprint catalogs, you update your product sheets on computer, the products are highlighted and you can concentrate fully on the expectations of families.
In the repositories

Why not install screens at the entrance to private rooms – with digital signage displaying the name of the deceased and/or a visual – but also where people can pay their respects to the deceased.

Offer families who wish to illustrate their love in a personalized way with written messages, memories in the form of photos, video editing.

In funeral homes

Favor human contact without closing the door to digital technology and why not, when certain people cannot be present, transform the screen in the reception room into a video link so that those absent can follow the ceremony remotely.

In the cemeteries

The digitalization of funeral services has been at work in France and abroad for several years.

Interactive terminals are being created at the entrance to certain cemeteries – particularly larger ones – to facilitate visits by loved ones. Interfaced with the cemetery management software, they relieve guardians of part of their tasks and can allow the public to:

  • Locate a dealership
  • Navigate the cemetery
  • Renew a concession (payment terminal)
  • Consult the cemetery’s internal regulations
  • Discover the funerary heritage (burials of famous people)
  • And why not use a personalized grave maintenance service?

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