Digital transformation: postal industries are modernizing

23 January 2024
MK Post

Live from Vienna, where Iagona is participating in the Parcel and Post Expo, devoted to future technologies, solutions and services for parcel delivery, e-commerce logistics and postal industries.

With the MK Post self-service postal terminal, our new generation digital equipment, the Iagona teams are aiming internationally.

Why are the postal industries going digital?

In recent years, on a global scale, the e-commerce boom and successive lockdowns have significantly and lastingly changed consumer habits.

While the sending of letters declines, the explosion of online purchases generates a colossal volume of parcels to be transported and delivered – in ever shorter times to satisfy demanding customers – and to stand up to the giants of online commerce . Faced with these upheavals, postal industries are accelerating their digitalization to meet the needs of their customers.

Their expectations?

More modern Post Offices, self-service terminals to carry out procedures independently and better handling of requests at counters. As well as innovative applications connecting our mobile phones to self-service terminals. Innovation, easy-to-use tools, with complete peace of mind.




This is why making digital useful – our motto for over 30 years – is more relevant than ever

Like postal agencies which, throughout the world, are developing their service offering to make cutting-edge digital tools and self-service services available to an ever more demanding public.

We are reinventing the customer experience. We design, manufacture, market and maintain our digital solutions across all sectors.

Why choose MK Post for your postal agencies?
  • To modernize and digitalize a sector of public utility activity
  • Reduce flows at counters
  • Maintain customer satisfaction, keep the customers’ happy
  • Meet new market demands

Indeed, according to a report from the Escher Group, entitled The Future of Posts – Growth Strategies for 2020 and Beyond, more than 45% of international post offices reported a substantial increase in the volume of parcels processed during the pandemic . And 83% of them have adopted new solutions and approaches to adapt to this new context.

60% of Posts include self-service terminals.

Presentation of the MK-Post, postal self-service terminal

The MK Post self-service postal terminal offers the best of technology to its users. It is an intuitive and innovative terminal that meets CE standards. Accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, MK Post offers an all-in-one service, allowing all types of postal services to be ordered and paid by card or in cash.

  • Buy stamps, weigh letters and parcels, carry out postage
  • Scan and print documents

The MK Post was designed and produced in France, with the possibility of integrating different options. Payments are secure with the integrated TPE and transactions are secure thanks to the privacy filter integrated into the screen.

Optional :

Interior screens placed above the counters (or in the window)

With text, video and pictograms, they enable continuous relay of information and information to customers. A way to wait usefully by being informed.

  • A coin mechanism for cash payments
  • A pinpad/touchpad option to offer several navigation choices
  • A biometric reader for faster identification
  • A new generation scanner

Dynamic signage in postal agencies

Even if their effectiveness no longer needs to be demonstrated, let us recall the benefits brought by digitalization in postal agencies.

  • Restore the image of a sector of activity often perceived as outdated
  • Make customer waiting more pleasant
  • Inform about new postal services and other flagship products
  • Offer self-service products, accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

In addition to the design of specific interactive terminals, such as the MK Post, our expertise is based on the creation of high-tech digital tools, listed

under the dynamic display category. Here are some customizable examples for Posts.

  • Interior screens placed above the counters (or in the window)

With text, video and pictograms, they enable continuous relay of information and information to customers. A way to wait usefully by being informed.

  • Screens in offices

Whether for public reception but also for the back office, digital screens present themselves as a powerful tool for internal and institutional communication. What’s more, they can be linked together to broadcast Corporate messages within different post offices.

Partnerships and diversifications

We believe in a future where technology simplifies everyday life, serving everyone. And where, as companies, we join our strengths and our know-how to promote innovation across borders.

Representing French Tech at its most effective, challenging what exists and supporting companies in their digitalization, even their diversification, is what we are determined to accomplish with our European and international colleagues with pragmatism and agility. , conviviality and commitment.

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