West Réunion Hospital Centre

29 November 2023

The West Réunion Hospital Centre provides its visitors and patients with reception terminals

The Ouest Réunion hospital centre equips itself with MK Med Iagona digital reception desks


Located in the western health region of Réunion Island, the West Réunion Hospital Centre is a public health establishment that meets the health needs of a population of 215,000 inhabitants.
It is a local facility, close to patients and healthcare professionals in the area.

CHR Ouest Réunion

West Réunion Hospital Centre approached Iagona to simplify the reception and admission of its patients. The recurring need was to relieve queues at the admissions desks.

In addition, the hospital wanted to initiate a digitisation process and asked us to help with this.

Mk Med CHR Ouest Réunion

Iagona proposed that the West Réunion Hospital Centre install MK Med digital admission terminals.

The MK Med was designed by our experts to streamline patient admissions to healthcare establishments. Patients can identify themselves on the admission terminal using a QR code received beforehand, or a number. They can check their status, complete their file, print documents for pre-admission, and also make a payment.

Thanks to the MK Med digital admission terminal, patients can be taken care of quickly.

The Centre Hospitalier Ouest Réunion can now offer its patients the possibility of validating their appointments and printing documents that are essential to their care at the hospital.

Last but not least, MK Med’s on-board interactive map can be used to direct patients to the various departments.


Hospital Reunion

“We are very pleased with the installation of these terminals. The staff have more time to work on their files. Patients are also happy, because they save time checking in. The doctors are relieved because they no longer have to wait for patients because of the queues at the counter.”

Patrick Flore

Hospital administration officer in charge of admissions at the Centre Hospitalier Ouest Réunion