29 November 2023

Weezevent equips La Boca with Cashless solutions thanks to Iagona digital terminals



Weezevent is a well-known player on the market for its Cashless solutions. Their client, La Boca, is a food court offering 13 corners of local and international cuisine in one place, as well as a beer and cocktail bar. Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the ambience that best suits their desires at the time.

Weezevent called on Iagona to secure the financial flows of La Boca thanks to reliable and ergonomic terminals. Iagona proposed its MK Evo digital terminal, adapted to Cashless card recharging.

Iagona’s MK Evo digital terminal enables customers to top up Cashless cards by bank card or in cash.

After topping up their Cashless card, customers place an order directly at the corner of their choice by scanning their Cashless card.

For more than 30 years, Iagona has been recognised as an expert in digitalising the customer experience and has mastered all payment methods. The MK Evo digital kiosks offered to Weezevent are able to handle cash, bank cards with or without contact and NFC technology to recharge cashless cards. Iagona guarantees smooth and secure transactions thanks to its integrated payment terminals.

Grâce à la borne digitale MK Evo de Iagona, l’expérience client est optimisée. En effet, les bornes digitales offrent un gain de temps aux clients et restaurateurs, qui peuvent se consacrer à l’accueil et à la préparation des commandes. De plus, la borne digitale MK Evo participe à l’augmentation du chiffre d’affaires en garantissant la fluidité des transactions de la carte Cashless.

Iagona’s MK Evo digital kiosk optimises the customer experience. Digital kiosks save time for customers and restaurant staff, who can devote more time to welcoming customers and preparing orders. What’s more, the MK Evo digital kiosk helps to increase turnover by ensuring that cashless card transactions run smoothly.


Smoother queues for customers

Weezevent wants to make it easier for La Boca’s customers to pay and reduce their waiting time at the checkout.

La Boca wants to reinforce its brand image.


Installation of MK Evo digital terminals

MK Evo digital kiosks allow customers to top up their Cashless card by bank card or in cash. The functionalities of the MK Evo kiosk help to improve the customer experience by allowing them to enjoy the conviviality of the venue without having to worry about payment.


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“For this project, we wanted to work with a reliable partner capable of adapting to our day-to-day activities. The choice of Iagona’s interactive kiosks has paid off, thanks to an interface that is easy for the public to learn and that ensures the safety of cash.”

Nordine Gheribi

Head of Sales chez Weezevent