Oney Bank

29 November 2023

Oney Bank digitises its customer journey to make shopping easier.

Our client, Oney, is a different, unique bank, born out of commerce. A partner in the transformation of commerce for almost 40 years, Oney designs innovative payment, financing and insurance solutions to give everyone the power to improve their daily lives and consume better.

The problem: Simplifying the process of taking out loan contracts

Oney wanted to automate the management and underwriting of consumer loan contracts in-store.

By digitising the credit application process, Oney was able to meet all its requirements, namely to reduce queues, make customers more autonomous 

and increase sales volume by making its credit offer more accessible (payment in instalments).

Similarly, by transferring administrative tasks to the kiosk, the sales staff could devote themselves exclusively to sales/advice on the shelves.

Iagona's solution: the MK Sign kiosk

Iagona designed and industrialised a custom-built kiosk that met Oney’s expectations and constraints.

The MK Sign enables customers to apply for credit completely independently. The terminal offers innovative features such as document scanning, identity document reading and user authentication thanks to an integrated camera. The innovative, ergonomic design guarantees confidentiality for the customer. Its lines and colour confirm the identity of Oney’s image.

Iagona also managed the software and developed an API for dialogue with the Oney application.

Iagona responded to Oney’s needs with a 360° service offering including the deployment of a 1st run of 50 machines in all Auchan Portugal shops.

This offer included :

  • Physical installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • On-site hardware maintenance from Monday to Saturday
  • Software maintenance
  • Supervision of kiosks using our Scrutis software.

It should be noted that the contract awarded is a European contract based on an initial volume of 400 kiosks.

Oney Bank

The benefits of the Iagona solution

Iagona has enabled Oney to offer a cutting-edge solution and to be a pioneer in the kiosk credit subscription segment. The deployment of credit terminals will also help to increase turnover at the point of sale.

Oney Bank
Oney Bank


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“We had an idea, Iagona enabled us to come up with a complete hardware-software-operating solution thanks to an ongoing dialogue and co-construction between Oney’s knowledge of the field and Iagona’s technical expertise, to the great satisfaction of our partners and customers”.

Denis Mardon

Group Director of In-Store Cards & Credit at Oney Bank