27 October 2023

Newrest opens the doors of digital technology to the rail sector with the tailor-made MK Moove

Newrest: the digital terminal on board high-speed trains



Today, digitalization is everywhere, all the time and for everyone. Iagona is now getting involved with transport, making passenger travel all the more enjoyable. A terminal on board a high-speed train during a long journey is a real comfort, and that’s what our partner Newrest understood and seized the opportunity to do. Newrest proposed a different vision with the aim of improving the consumer experience by reducing waiting time.

The adventure began following a response to a call for tenders from a renowned rail company, which Newrest won. The specifications entrusted to Iagona’s R&D teams were studied in great detail, resulting in a tailor-made kiosk. A kiosk that has found its place in the multiplication of sales channels: counter, kiosk or online ordering.

Newrest’s technical teams worked closely with Iagona’s, in particular the hardware and software teams, to meet all the railway’s requirements.

MK Moove
MK Moove

The challenge was to produce a kiosk that was adapted to its environment, could be deployed on a large scale and was accessible to users during their journey.
The technological challenge was met brilliantly, with Iagona meeting the normative requirements where many companies had failed. The Iagona teams worked in agile mode and did not hesitate to innovate and make proposals to reassure the railway company and Newrest, “our client”.

This collaboration mobilised the hardware and software departments over many months to meet all the specific requirements of the rail sector, particularly in terms of certifications, but also communication.


The MK Moove digital control unit is currently undergoing full-scale testing, and will shortly be deployed on all high-speed trains, for the greater convenience of passengers and operators alike. All 180 train sets will soon be equipped with 368 MK Moove units.

The MK Moove makes it easier to take orders and pay, while reducing waiting times in on-board catering areas. Iagona brought its business expertise to bear in the consultancy, design and conception of bespoke kiosks, as well as scrupulously complying with safety standards and certifications for the target sector.

Iagona’s teams were able to adapt immediately to the tripartite operating mode of the call for tenders, giving rise to the first digital control terminal capable of operating on a high-speed network.
In fact, our technicians were able to propose the best possible solution by preparing every eventuality of the project in advance, using their advanced technical skills to satisfy companies whose worldwide reputation is well established.
Iagona and Newrest have established a close working relationship and a great deal of respect, which is conducive to future collaborations.

Last but not least, Iagona’s MK Moove also won the 2022 Digital Innovation Award in Prague at the IRCG (International Rail Catering Group), a project supported by Newrest.


Marc Starké

“Iagona was able to offer us a unique bollard despite the complex certifications required by the railway industry. They came up with a proposal that met an extraordinary technical challenge. They were also educational in the way they worked with us, and we felt accompanied and supported from the beginning to the end of the project. I’d say today that Iagona is ultimately a provider of solutions, so thank you”

Marc Starké

Vice President Transformation Through CSR, Digital, Marketing and Communications France at Newrest