Bank BCP

29 November 2023

Banque BCP goes digital to enhance the customer experience

Banque BCP is an affinity bank belonging to Groupe BPCE, France’s second-largest banking group. Its ambition is to support its individual and business customers in all their projects, whether in France or Portugal. It also aims to provide its customers with expertise in real estate, asset management and the transfer of international assets.

A bank close to its customers

Banque BCP’s objective was to improve the experience of its customers in the branch. In order to live up to its credo of “A bank that is close to its customers, even at a distance”, Banque BCP needs to innovate to make life easier for its customers. And that starts with the in-branch experience.

Banque BCP’s initial idea was therefore to improve the actions carried out by customers in the branch. But how to go about it?

To begin with, a study of flows was carried out in the branch to assess the rate at which cash was handed in and cheques deposited. The bank realised that it was generating high volumes of cheque deposits.

Following the example of automated cash dispensing, it was preferable to offer customers a self-service solution, making it easier to dispense cheques. However, since the priority was still to simplify the customer experience, it was preferable to separate the available media in order to facilitate the flow of customers.

In search of a new branch concept, Banque BCP approached Caisse d’Epargne Haut de France, which was equipped with self-service cheque delivery machines.

Banque BCP contacted Iagona to find out about the banking solutions we offer and to equip its branches in the best possible way.

Setting up a decisive pilot

After studying Iagona’s banking solutions, Banque BCP turned to the S4 terminal. It seemed to meet their needs: small, reliable and digital.
To confirm their choice, a pilot was set up in one of the Paris branches. During this test period, customers were able to experiment with handing in cheques on their own.

The pilot confirmed the installation of such a solution, winning over both customers and branch staff.
The S4 self-service cheque machine was therefore the solution best suited to the different needs of bank branches.

When a bank branch equips itself with automatic teller machines, it is necessary to think about the space available in the branches, as well as the layout and the flows studied. To install a cheque machine, it is usually necessary to build the machine into a wall, creating a secure area for access to the machine, also known as a Secure Establishment (SE). With all these parameters in mind, Banque BCP decided to install mainly S4 terminals, but also S10 terminals for branches with a high volume of cheque payments, i.e. 10% of the branch network.

BCP Installation

What BCP Bank customers think

Customer satisfaction is very high following the installation of such solutions. The ergonomics are simple, making it easy to navigate on the screen and also to connect by inserting a bank card, writing cheques or printing a receipt.

The kiosk’s ease of use makes it easy to access, whatever the generation.


Bank BCP

“We are very satisfied with the responsiveness and proximity of Iagona’s contacts. This enabled us to roll out the project as quickly as we wanted. What’s more, the kiosks are reliable and rarely break down. It’s important for us to work with a trusted partner that offers quality solutions.”

Yohann Perreia

Head of distribution at BCP bank