Banque populaire Bourgogne Franche-Comté

29 November 2023

Banque Populaire puts intelligent safe deposit boxes in its branches

Declarative Cash Deposit Systems – ADD


Banque Populaire
Banque Populaire

The problem

Making its 170 retail deposit boxes “intelligent”

Banque Populaire Bourgogne Franche Comté wanted to make its 170 manual retail deposit boxes ‘intelligent’. The aim was to improve the traceability of deposits and allow deposits in euros and Swiss francs, as well as remittances from customers of other Banque Populaire banks.

Iagona solution

The ADD upgrade can be fitted to the various models of existing safes. Iagona carries out the installation and maintenance work on the money wall.

The deposit software enables funds to be deposited in several ways: identification by reading a 2D tag, reading the bank card or entering the account number on the touch screen.

BRINKS uses Iagona’s SCRUTIS remote management solution to optimise cash collection rounds.

Banque populaire

Compuself deposit, a partner offer

An exclusive partnership between Brink’s France & Iagona (formerly Moneyline)

The result of an exclusive partnership, the Compuself Deposit solution offers retailers the possibility of depositing cash in an envelope using self-service banking.
This solution improves the customer experience thanks to :

Few examples :

  • Extended deposit times
  • Enhanced security (20 seconds for a deposit of 300 notes)
  • Multi-mode identification by account number, bank card or QR-Code
  • Digitalisation of the deposit via a mobile application generating a QR-code

With Compuself deposit, Brink’s offers banks a turnkey solution, independent of cash-in-transit operators, including the provision of ATMs, technical and financial supervision, hardware and software maintenance and integration into the bank’s information system for credit on demand.


“After studying the solutions available on the market, we chose Iagona’s ADD solution because it met our functional, technical and economic requirements exactly.”

Banque Populaire