Banque Populaire Grand Ouest

29 November 2023

A network of bank branches equipped with cheque delivery terminals

Banque Populaire Grand Ouest digitises cheque delivery


Banque Populaire Grand Ouest (BPGO) is a regional cooperative bank based in western France. Covering 12 departments, the BPGO has a total of 310 agencies and 3,000 employees.

Time-consuming manual processing

At present, the BPGO is the Banques Populaires regional bank that processes the most cheques per year. Nearly 16 million cheques will be handed in by 2022.

Normally, these cheques were processed using a scanner in each branch, requiring manual handling by an advisor. In the event of an error on the cheque (wrong account number entered, wrong amount read, illegible name, etc.), reprocessing required the intervention of a member of staff in the cheque department, thereby delaying the crediting of the remitter’s account.


BPGO also wanted to rethink its branch distribution model. In particular, it wanted to free up advisors’ time for higher value-added tasks.

In its search for a new branch concept, Banque BCP approached Caisse d’Epargne Haut de France, which was equipped with self-service cheque delivery machines.

Banque BCP contacted Iagona to find out more about the banking solutions we offered, and to equip its branches in the best possible way.

A successful terminal pilot & transformed

Banque Populaire studied the possible solutions to be put in place to automate the processing of cheque deposits as far as possible. After discussions with Caisse d’Epargne CEPAC and Banque Populaire Rives de Paris, which are also equipped with IAGONA cheque deposit machines, the “Cheque Deposit Machines” project was proposed to the Executive Committee.
As part of this Cheque project, the Management Committee approved the installation of four test terminals in four different agencies. These pilot projects was to validate or invalidate the relevance of installing cheque machines. The four pilots were entirely satisfactory, particularly in terms of flow management, and 30 new terminals were installed immediately.


From pilot to full roll-out of cheque machines

Today, the BPGO has acquired 200 cheque machines. Deployment is still underway.
Branch managers have been so convinced by the reliability and time-saving benefits of the terminals that the idea of equipping the entire branch network was quickly mooted.

Of the 310 agencies in France, 200 have a self-service banking area (LSB) where there is enough space to accommodate a cheque machine. This is the airlock at the entrance to the bank, accessible even when the branch is closed. S10 Iagona terminals are installed in this area, so that customers can access them at any time. In addition, with a view to standardising its fleet of ATMs, BPGO aims to standardise all its LSBs, both in terms of equipment and layout. The aim is to offer customers the best possible banking experience.

What convinced them

BPGO was convinced by the speed with which cheques could be processed using Iagona cheque deposit terminals. During manual processing, cheques deposited from Saturday afternoon to Monday, outside branch opening hours, did not appear on customers’ accounts until Tuesday or even Wednesday. Customers had to wait for the advisor to return before the cheque could be processed and recorded. Now, these remittances are credited as early as Monday.
What’s more, the terminals are in line with the CSR approach favoured by the banking network. There is no longer any need for a remittance slip, which saves a considerable amount of paper.

Today, the BPGO is fully satisfied. As proof of this, as soon as a branch is temporarily relocated while work is being carried out, branch managers note the lack of terminals.


Banque Populaire Grand Ouest

“A company with a pleasant atmosphere, and teams that work together. If a problem arises, all the teams pull together to help. Customer service and the Iagona technicians who support the deployment of the terminals are a real strength. We would particularly like to thank our sales representative, who has always been there to answer our questions and support us in our day-to-day work.

Pascal Quintin et Ludovic Chasgnaud

Director of BPGO payment methods and Manager of BPGO cheque services